Naturopathic Medicine

Harness the healing power of nature

Naturopathic Medicine utilizes a wide variety of natural treatment modalities to help you recover from illness, restore balance to your body, and promote optimal health.  Our goal is to use your body's own innate healing wisdom, combined with the healing power of nature, to work with rather than against the body to achieve wellness.  At Mitchell Center you will be given individualized care to address your unique health needs.  We believe in treating you as a whole person.  Our aim is to help identify the underlying cause of your illness, and help you restore your health and prevent future imbalance.  We believe in the principle of Doctor as Teacher and strive to educate you about your health and empower you to play an active role in your healing


Explore Naturopathic Modalities


Naturopathic Physicians have many tools to help facilitate your healing.  At Mitchell Center you can expect to experience a holistic approach to your health.  The combination of nutrition and lifestyle counseling, botanical and nutrient-based medicines, homeopathy, and physical medicine techniques, offer you powerful options for addressing your health.

In addition, a wide spectrum of diagnostic tools can help aid in identification of the underlying cause of your symptoms.  From standard to specialty lab work and imaging, to referrals to specialists, we can work together to explore all of your health concerns.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling

Clinical Nutrition


Both lifestyle factors and nutrition play an enormous role in your health and wellness.

As we explore your current health concerns and begin to work together to improve your health you can expect to receive:

- Assessment of your current dietary intake, as well as education on how your food is medicine.

- Lifestyle Counseling including an in-depth look at factors that impact your health including daily routines, work, recreation, stress, exercise, meditation, spiritual practices, relationships, and sleep.


Botanical and Nutrient-Based Medicine

Botanical Medicine


An important part of your Naturopathic treatment will include the use of botanical medicine, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

- Botanical Medicine:  Herbal formulas designed to address your individual health needs, and aid your body's healing.

- Nutrient-based Medicine:  Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients may be combined to facilitate your healing and optimize your future health.


Homeopathy and Physical Medicine



Homeopathic medicines may be selected to address physical, mental, and emotional symptoms via gentle yet powerful energetic means.


The use of physical medicine tools such as hydrotherapy, massage, and/or craniosacral therapy can play an important part in your healthcare as well.  And recommendations for acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, or physical therapy will also be made when appropriate.

Physical Exams and Laboratory Testing



Naturopathic Physicians can perform physical examinations to help assess your health and identify disease.  From annual physicals and routine gynecological exams, to examinations of specific concerns, careful attention to your body's physical state is an important part of assessing your health.  In addition, lab tests can be used to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.  We offer routine screenings and specialized testing. Testing may include papsmears, blood tests, urinalysis, stool tests, and saliva tests.

Imaging and Specialist Referrals 


Referrals for imaging such as ultrasounds, x-ray, CT, MR, DEXA, mammograms, and others will be suggested when appropriate.  We may also  refer you to a specialist in a particular area of medicine depending on your unique healthcare needs.  In each case, you will be educated about why this referral is considered important for you.